From Research and Testing Room Vol.13

  • August, The Hottest Time of the Year

  • Hello, this is Kita from Classic’s Research and Testing Room!

    Now it is August… it is steaming hot!

    No matter how hot outside is I do not have to worry about getting a heat stroke! After all, I am more of a bookworm than an outdoor person.

    My concern now is my lower back, which I had hurt while I was reading a book the other day in an apparently awkward posture…

    Speaking of which, I bet most of the florists or people working at flower shops are troubled with the lower back pain. My orthopedist told me that lifting and carrying heavy objects (like buckets full of water and flowers) surely raise the risk of back injury especially when you are bending into the load. It is one of the common work hazard, but the only way to prevent the injury is to bend your knees and squat down to lift the load in a correct posture.

    I would like to express my respect and gratitude to all the people out there who are working to spread the love and smiles with flowers in this hot weather… I sincerely wish them good health without back pain.

      • TOKYO 2020 Olympics

Everyone has a different opinion about Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Mine also seems unique without exception, so let me share my views:

First, about the location: I get more excited to watch athletes win gold medals at the Olympic Games hosted abroad, compared to the one held in the home country.

Second, about the level of excitement: I get less excited when more and more people get excited.

You may think that I am not at all interested in this one of a lifetime opportunity to witness Olympics in my own country. Don’t get me wrong, I am inspired by all those athletes with the purest and the most earnest form of attitude towards their games. I am also very happy to see various fresh cut flowers such as sunflower, lisianthus, and gentian are taking part in the Olympics as “victory bouquet.


Anyways, I am away from heat of summer as well as that of Olympics, but I still enjoy them in my own way. 


  • The Off-Season for Carnation?

Japanese summer is not suitable for carnation production, and growing high quality carnations at this time of year require tremendous efforts.

During this time of year, we recommend our customers to consider buying our carnations grown in the South American countries right on the equator and in high altitudes. Their locations are naturally suitable for growing carnations all year long; therefore, the fluctuation of the quality is very small.

Of course, import cut flowers travel much longer than domestic ones, so we must carefully control the temperature while in transit and after arrival to keep flowers as fresh and beautiful as possible. 

Narita Operation Center (NOC) located right outside of Narita International Airport is functioning as our base of operations including quality check, repacking, and shipping.

Every floor of the facility is equipped with air conditioners and we have recently added additional pre-cooling system as well.

After we receive the boxes, in the regular refrigerated room, it takes about 12 hours to cool flowers down to the temperature inside the refrigerator. However, with our pre-cooling system, it takes only one hour.

Such investment in equipment is one of many efforts we make to deliver quality flowers in good conditions to the hands of our customers.


      • The Purpose of Testing

At our Research and Testing Room, I conduct various tests on a daily basis. Not all of those tests has a clear purpose or a perfect test plan.

For example, in some cases, we conduct a vase life test for a starter since we happened to receive a new variety as a sample.

At the same time, I am being very cautious about adding purposes and/or new test plans to those tests already done.

Such additions can lead us to another test, to another, and to another… until we gain the results we expect. Then, eventually, we may end up distorting or manipulating facts.

I believe buyers must face the reality and take necessary measures to overcome the issues. Together with the test results, I always try to give them my honest opinions and comments for training purpose.

I also make sure to collect and present all the necessary information so that they truly and fully understand the results.


    • In the Very Middle of Summer…

  • It seems that the heat wave is making me somewhat grumpy! I wish this heat would go away at once…

    Well, summer itself is not so bad, though. I feel reminiscent of the past every time I watch a gathering of floats at local festival in my hometown. 

    I will soothe the hotness of summer nights with an ice cold drink of sake and a single stem of flowers, like always. 

    Let us continue to enjoy #Class-Chic Life with Flowers!