Announcement: Product Name Change of Clematis Amazing® Inspiration


    Back in March 2022, Marginpar BV., one of our oldest strategic partner, changed the name of Clematis Amazing® Inspiration to Clematis Amazing® Kyiv.



    The action represented Marginpar’s support for the people in Ukraine who are currently in a heart-wrenching situation, desperately in need of humanitarian aid and peace. That decision resonated with us deeply, and Classic Japan decided to change the flower’s market name in Japan to “Clematis Amazing® Kyiv” as well in hopes that Ukrainian people would have the life full of flowers and smiles back soon.


    Several auction markets allowed us to display Clematis Amazing® Kyiv with a poster specially made to introduce the new name and convey our hopes behind the name change.

    One of those auction markets introduced the flower to its customers as “Clematis that prays for peace,” and other shared the story through their website and SNS. Now, we believe more people in the world know how truly amazing this Clematis Amazing® Kyiv is— not only from outside, but inside, too, just like its grower.







    Along with the name change, Marginpar ran a charitable campaign to donate the proceeds of Clematis Amazing® Kyiv to Giro555, a Netherland-based humanitarian aid organization for Ukraine and surrounding countries. Classic Japan also donated its proceeds of Clematis Amazing® Kyiv sold in the same period to the organization through Marginpar Foundation.