From Research and Testing Room Vol.1


Hello, I am Kita from Research and Testing Room.


In our room, we run vase life tests on flowers which are already in the market as well as the quality check of new products or samples we import from around the world. We plan and conduct those tests on request basis, according to our buyers’ specific needs and interest. That being said, not all those results are available for statistical analyzation; however, we have accumulated those data over the course of 15 years, and we believe it is one of our most valuable assets.

Through this blog, we will let you have a peek at what we are up to lately by sharing a part of our daily operations.


Today, for our very first post, I’d like to talk about our latest quality test result.

Last year, two catastrophic typhoons hit Japan, which caused a great damage to the agricultural industry overall. Stocks or Matthiola, is one of many which the market has suffered a shortage in supply compared to the year before.

Hoping to cover the shortage in the future, our buyer has imported some samples of stocks and brought them to our room to see if it meets our quality requirements. Some books point out that stocks “does not drink water easily,” so we compared the weight before and after putting them in the vase. Despite the descriptions, the weight test result shows that those stocks actually take up a good amount of water. However, the condition of leaves are not uniform nor stable, and also we spotted some damages on petals. We have concluded that they do not meet our quality standards just yet. We will continue to work closely with the buyer, and discuss our next move.