From Research and Testing Room Vol.3


Prevention Measures against COVID-19

Hello, this is Kita from Classic’s Research and Testing Room.


Japanese Government is now taking a step further to combat the spread of novel coronavirus. How are you all doing?


The important thing is to protect your own health from this virus, as well as to practice all possible precautions to prevent spreading it to others.  


Amid the COVID-19 response, I am sure that many of you are making lifestyle changes including the ways of working and how you spend your private time.



Spending Time at Home with Flowers

 Flower industry is using the phrase

“Stay home with flowers!”

to promote flower power to enrich people’s lives at home.


Flowers can bring peace to people’s mind. It is nice if more people become aware of those health benefits of flowers and choose to enjoy a flower-filled lifestyle.


Since many healthy individuals are staying at home for long periods of time now, I imagine some have brought flowers home to help them stay connected to nature or brighten up their rooms. Maybe, some of them may have bought flowers for the very first time for home-use because of this self-quarantine.



First Impression Lasts

The first impression is very important in general, and flowers are no exception.


If your very first flowers—whether you bought them or gifted by others—are damaged or did not last long, what would be your response? You will be sad, or worse, lose the interest in flowers completely!


We must admit that our usual operation of importing a fresh, quality flowers from farms around the world has becoming increasingly difficult nowadays mainly due to the disruption in global supply chain.


However, during a time like this, we must pursue an even higher level of quality.


As a gatekeeper of quality, we have a mission to provide flawless “great” flowers which gives a lasting, favorable impression to everyone, and especially to those who takes their first flower bouquet home to make them fall in love with flowers.



Mother’s Day

We are aware that most of our partner farms are thrown into a total confusion amid this fight against coronavirus. Now the industry’s biggest event of the year is close at hand. It must be very difficult especially for those carnation growers to carry on with usual preparations and works for this year’s peak season.


In order to maintain the quality of cut-flowers, workers must follow the step-by-step, demanding care procedures after harvesting.

Farms usually deal with a great amount of flowers before Mother’s Day and become super busy, so we double-check the quality at our facility to make sure that each and every stems are treated and graded well just like usual. 


As of 6th April, I am randomly picking some samples of carnations from each of our partner farms and running some quality tests from several check points, including amount of damage and vase life. I have not set out a specific test theme this time, but the main purpose is to detect any quality problems before it goes out to our customers’ hands, so that people can have a great first impression and relax with our flowers during this difficult time.



Spending Time Together with Family

Spending more time at home means spending more time with family or thinking about family more often.


We hope that many people will remember that “May 10th is the Mother’s Day this year!” and pick up either a nice single stem or a colorful bouquet to celebrate the day with their mothers.


For this Mother’s Day as well, Classic is making efforts to go beyond our customer’s satisfaction.


We hope that we can help you to put a smile on you and your loved ones with our flowers.